New Vendor Qualification and Profiles Section



The purpose of this web based NEW VENDOR QUALIFICATION SYSTEM is:

To provide manufacturers that wish to be a vendor for Revman International a method to contact Revman International.

To provide manufacturers an opportunity to review Revman International's requirements for becoming a vendor and to qualify as a potential Revman International vendor through a series of questions. Revman International requirements include but are not limited to the areas of Social/Legal Compliance, C-TPAT Compliance, Payment Terms, Product Development Charges, Quality, Delivery, Pricing, and Chargebacks.

To provide qualified manufacturers a method to present vendor profiles, facilities, machinery, product capabilities, capacities, minimums, and lead times.

To provide manufacturers with feedback if they qualify or do not qualify to be a vendor for Revman International.

To provide Revman International's Sourcing, Product Development, and Design Departments a method to contact qualified, potential new vendors.



If you are currently an active vendor for Revman International, you are not required to qualify. Please choose "Return to our Home page".

If you are not currently an active vendor and are not interested in becoming a vendor for Revman International, please choose "Return to our Home page".

If you are not currently an active Revman International vendor, but are interested in becoming a Revman International vendor, please choose "Continue".



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