Purchase Order Policy


Purchase Order Shipping

  • Please refer to the Vendor Resource Manual for all of Revman International’s policies.
  • All PO’s must be shipped by the confirmed commit date.
  • PO’s will be considered on time if they are delivered to the Revman International designated freight forwarder with all proper documents by the confirmed commit date. Product and documents will be accepted at the freight forwarder up to seven (7) days prior to the confirmed ship date.
  • Any variation in PO quantity will require pre-approval.  Approval will be at the discretion of the designated Planning Manager of the specific Brand.
  • PO’s will be considered late if they are not delivered to the designated freight forwarder for Revman International with all required documents by the confirmed ship date.  
  • Any product received by our freight forwarder more than 24 hours after the confirmed commit date will result in a penalty that will equal 10% of the PO value for all late product.
  • All PO’s that are late will be considered for expedited freight routes at the discretion of Revman International. In this situation, the vendor will accept responsibility for any additional cost of freight and handling above the normal routed cost.
  • If expedited freight for a late shipment arrives at the final destination prior to the required date, the Planning Manager can waive the 10% penalty at their discretion.
  • Customer Originated Late Shipment Procedure – If late delivery results in a customer chargeback received by Revman, and if the customer chargeback to Revman exceeds the standard chargeback above, Revman will charge the vendor the greater of the two penalties.  All documentation for a customer chargeback to Revman will be sent to the vendor for the vendor’s records.
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